What time is it? – NOW Who are you? – THIS MOMENT


Peaceful warrior is my favourite movie all times.
I have never watched a movie that is so meaningful, a movie that has such a significant message for the world.
From the moment I started watching it, I could not believe my eyes and ears.
Every word, every moment was just so deep and significant.
It represents life the way it is: timeless
Live now. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.
Only now.
When you live now, all there is is what you see at that moment and you see everything – all the colours of life.
So many things are happening in one moment.
Everything is so alive: the trees, the ocean, the flowers, the grass, the sun, the moon, the wind, the rain…
Everything moves in synch. It is all connected.
“You make that moment for the moment, not for the gold”.
“The journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination.”

Life is full of beautiful moments and the “sad” moments are also beautiful. Every time I feel sad, people start considering me a person who is suffering. In reality, I am not suffering. I am living that pain. It is my journey.
The journey can be sad or happy. Both journeys are beautiful and I just love being present during that journey. I love every moment of the journey…it has so many surprises for me and it is mysterious because I do not intend to arrive anywhere, I have no destination….I just live this journey and go with the flow..That’s when all the synchronicities in my life happen. I don’t do anything. Things just happen and the energy just floats towards me. I feel so rich. It is an amazing and indescribable feeling. I consider it a present of life. For me. Every journey is a life lesson for me and I appreciate it and celebrate it.
I feel so alive. There is a really cool French expression I have recently learnt which I use daily to express how much I love living. Je kiffe my life.

This is my favourite part of the movie.
It is a dialogue.

What time is it?
What are you?
-this moment.

 A warrior is about absolute vulnerability!

Poetic Lyric

real men got no character

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When I talk about something I express it with all myself. My response is always very intense. Then people ask me “Are you against this? Are you for this?” and I reply: “I am against nothing and for nothing. I just love life”. They try to categorize me according to what I say. It is simply not possible to categorize anything. Not me, not you, not him, not her. Nobody and nothing. Everything is just so pure. It has its unique colour. The moment you categorize it, label it, organize it, it simply loses its colour, its flavour. Its essence.

Yes, I love life in all its subtle ways. I love every moment of it and I love living every feeling that arises inside of me intensely. I love feeling my feelings and living them. It’s life’s gift for me.
Every experience is a unique sensation. It can be hunger, thirst, kissing, falling in love, crying for love, grieving,….any feeling.
I love LIVING.
I love living passionately.
I love living poetically.
When I see the blue sky, the moonlight and the heavy rain…is when poetry caresses me – it’s like a butterfly stroking my skin gently with her wings. Poetry.

Osho never stops impressing me!
He describes what I feel so well. Every time I find myself reading his books I keep nodding and nodding.
Smiling and smiling.

“Any man who is really alive has no character. He cannot have a character. Character is always dead – a dead structure around you, carried over from the past, the past experience. If you act out of your character, you don’t act at all; you simply react. You don’t respond. Response is immediate: life creates a situation, a challenge, and you respond. You respond out of your being, with no centre, with no conclusion. Not trough the past; herenow comes the response – pure, virgin.
That discipline I appreciate. That discipline I love. But any other discipline that you force yourself into, that you practise, is dangerous. That is going to kill you. That’s how many people are already dead – their discipline has killed them” (Osho 1994, 156-157).



Osho 1994, From Medication to Meditation, The C W Daniel Company LTD, Great Britain pp.156-157.