asthanga – vinyasana yoga: detox body, mind and spirit from the inside out

ImageI am an active ashtanga – vinyasana yoga practisioner. Yoga is another gift which has been given to me by God. Yoga is part of my life. It is part of my day – like sleeping, eating and brushing my teeth. Of course, there are days when I do not practise. On those days my body tells me: stop stretching me. And yoga teaches me to listen to my body. Yoga teaches me many things which are all inside of me and which I myself need to discover through my practice. My practice is different every day. Sometimes I am more flexible. Sometimes I am more balanced. Sometimes I can’t be bothered and I totally lose focus and start gazing around instead of listening to my breath. And here is the most significant aspect of yoga: THE BREATH! It is not about the poses. it is not about how flexible you are. It is not about how strong you are. It is only about how good you are at focusing on the breath. When you focus on the breath, everything else follows: movements and focus. That is when you are balanced and flexible. Even though, the level of flexibility in certain areas does not really depend on your focus or type of body. It depends on your emotions: fear, trust, self-esteem etc. I myself am less flexible in my hips and I know it is connected to trust issues. i need to let go and surrender. It comes from the inside out. Once I acknowledge the matter, I need to loosen up and let go of my fear…that is when my hips will automatically open up. Everything is so connected.

The breath is our focus, as stated before. It sounds easy, but it is an art. Simply because we are made of body, mind and spirit and yoga is not only a body practice, or a mind practice, or a spirit practice. NO! It is a body, mind, spirit practice. It is a holistic practice. You tone your muscles, you strengthen your body, you become more flexible, you cleanse your body and you clear your mind FROM THE INSIDE OUT – through the breath. Not through a pole which you are lifting yourself up to “get strong muscles” at the gym, not from sit-ups or push-ups which ONLY strengthen your muscles. Nothing of all that. It all starts from the breath which is inside of you. The breath is your tool. Your pole. It is pretty amazing what you can do with your breath. In ashtanga yoga we use a special way of breathing which consists of contracting the throat muscles and therefore breathing through the nose from the back of your throat (ujjai breath). The louder the breath, the more you can focus on it. And the more you are able to still your mind. The slower and longer both inhalation and exhalation, the deeper you get into the pose. It is almost like a trance. You totally disappear from the world and you enter your soul. Your inside. The only existing world for us human beings. The world where all our secrets lie. The world which we tend to escape daily by keeping us busy with work, people, material things. When you enter your soul, you become mindful, conscious, aware and connected to your heart. When Bruce Lee says: “Empty your mind”, he does not literally mean to stop thinking. He means to become mindful and by becoming mindful, we become aware. By becoming aware, we start watching our thoughts and just be observers. So, meditation does not mean to stop thinking. We cannot stop thinking. It is a natural way of our being. It is part of us. Mediation teaches us to watch our thoughts and to stop judging them. So, when people say: “I cannot meditate because everytime I close my eyes, I start thinking about all the stuff. So, I can’t meditate”, it does not mean that they are not able to meditate. Everyone is able to meditate as long as you are able to breathe.  And once you start meditating, you improve day by day until you get to the point where you become one with your breath. That is when you are able to still the mind, to silence the mind – to stop judging yourself and to just let go and observe what the hell is going on in there. And ashtanga yoga is a moving meditation. Every move is an inhalation or exhalation. Every inhalation has the same length as the inhalation. Every movement is significant. It connects you to the earth, to the sun and to yourself. Every drishti (the direction of your gaze in every pose) is significant and determinant for your focus during your practice. Ashtanga – vinyasana yoga: body (movement), mind (breath) and spirit (drishti). Throughout the whole practice you maintain the flow of your breath and you put the bandhas on (please look it up online as i don’t want to get to technical here).

I find it pretty amazing that through the art of breathing you move your body and you get flexible, strong, focused and cleansed.


healing from within: the psychosomatic man

healing without medicine
People link healing to medicine, a science which treats the human being as a machine rather than as a being. A human being is a being and not a machine. That’s why medicine has failed. This, however, is not the only reason. Medicine has also failed because it treats the symptom and not the patient. The painkiller or whatever chemical substance doctors prescribe only attenuate the pain. They disillusion the patient and make him unaware of the pain which still exists inside his soul and body rather than going to the source and finding out why the patient feels that way.

Healing happens without medicine.
Medicine creates more sickness.
It is poison.

Healing happens within.
Medication happens at the surface – outside the soul.

Medication “heals” the pain (outside).
Meditation heals the sickness (inside).

Healing needs to happen from within.
Through meditation.
Meditation is the only healing power.

I reject mainstream medicine (allopathy) because, as anything else, it is just another tool used by the system to control human beings and to make them numb, unaware, stupid and ignorant. Today, people don’t need to take drugs anymore in order to be numb. The system is making sure that numbness becomes the status of the human being in every day life.
The system is using its knowledge or science and is presenting it so well to us. They use discourse power, manipulative words. They talk about the development of modernity or the development of science as if it is something to celebrate. And people follow. They drink too much of the “development” bottle which contains a bad virus. So, they end up believing that today we are living in a developed and advanced world thanks to the technological and scientific advancements in the medical field, which apparently contributed to a high decrease of the mortality rate in the “developed” countries and an increase in longevity.
If we are really so developed then why is humanity suffering so much? Why do people get cancer, headaches, etc? These are all diseases or pains that are unknown in most Southern countries. My grandmother who lives in a village and who has always lived simple and natural, has never experienced all these pains and when she feels some sort of pain then she heals herself with herbs or meditation. This way is what today is know as “indigenous knowledge” and which is not considered a developed science. The only result is that my grandmother is healed and those who live a modern metropolitan life are filled with chemical pills and painkillers in order to “heal”. Who is the developed one now, my granny or the “system people”?
The truth is that we all possess healing power. It lies within us. We have only forgotten it and are too taken by the “developments” of modern science. Of course, the system, does not like people like me – people who are here to reawaken our lost truth, our own healing power.

I have always been cleaned and never taken any sort of medicine.
I am so grateful to my mum who decided to heal me naturally when I had fiver at 40 degrees. She strengthened my immune system so much that my body reproduces anti-corps without any effort.
A healed person, however, is not a person who combats his sickness, but a person who remains healthy and healed. Healing, therefore, is a natural state of the human being who by nature was born conscious and aware. An aware person goes deep into his soul and knows exactly what is happening to him right from the start of his existence. An aware person does not need a doctor because he will always be healthy and healed. Being healthy is our nature.
Those who have forgotten about their beautiful nature can find their path and get their healing power back.
They need to go from medication to mediation, like Osho says.

doctors are not healers
In line with this I’d like to outline the difference between a doctor and a healer, in case you are convinced that a doctor is a healer.

Doctors cure the patient after he has fallen sick.
Healers maintain the patient healthy.

Doctors make you unaware of the pain without killing it. As a result, the disease will remain and properly spread, but you won’t notice it at the moment only.
Healers show you the way of meditation through which you see the root of the pain and are able to destroy it.

Doctors are doers.
Healers are non-doers.

For example, aspirin represses – anger remains hidden inside you, violence goes on raging inside you. You only keep the alarm shut, that’s all. Nothing changes, only the alarm is no longer there. This goes on and on, and it becomes more and more accumulated. It may give you cancer.
Real health needs to happen somewhere inside you, in your subjectivity, in your consciousness, because consciousness knows no birth, no death. It is eternal. And to be healthy in consciousness means: first, to be awake; second, to be harmonious; third, to be ecstatic, and forth, to be compassionate (Osho 1994, 29-34).

our wholeness
I agree with Osho according to who Western science has viewed man as a separate unit. Man, however, is an organic unity who needs not only the treatment of the part that is sick. The sick part is only the symptom that the whole organism is going through difficulties. The sick part is only showing it because it is the weakest. If you treat the sick part only, the disease will still remain since the sick part is just a part of the wholeness (Osho 1994, 35).
Western medicine ignores the soul of the man.
Man is soul – mind and spirit in a body.
Man is psychosomatic.
“Western medicine does not accept that there is any subject in you. It only accepts your body; it does not accept you (Osho 1994, 37).
Sickness is objective and the feeling of well-being is subjective. Therefore, there cannot be one unique medicine that cures the same sickness in different patients since the result will be different.
The illness is the same in every human being, for instance, let’s say it is cancer, while the source of this illness is different in every human being- it can be anger, feelings of rejection, oppression, repression, etc. All these feelings have a different nature, but the same result: cancer.
Cancer, therefore, cannot be prevented or healed through medicine (objectivity), but through meditation (subjectivity).

fragmenting our wholeness is the cause of all diseases
It is worth noticing how the system actually produces the virus (religions, doctrines, rules, etc) in order to classify people and give them certain rules they need to obey to. At the same time it produces the antivirus, namely the medicine to “cure” the people from their sickness. Pay attention: religions, for instance, or any other doctrine, are just labels full of rules which ought to be followed by the people. How can the people follow rules if they are wild by nature and will therefore, sooner or later, reject their own religion?
Sooner or later people will realize that they can actually not fit into the box they have chosen or were given on the day they were born. So, they start rebelling or struggling inside. The system and any other outer body (family, school etc) will make them feel guilty and convince them that they are not good people, that they are not behaving well or according to the criteria of a good human being. This manipulation has a strong impact on the psyche and consciousness of a human being. It drives him crazy, insane. This madness is the pain that he will feel and which the doctor wants to “cure” with medicine, namely another substance that comes from the outside rather than making him focus on the inside. The truth is that doctors are members of the system. They have no intention of making thier patient focus on their inside. That’s why medicine is considered the best means to “cure” people. In reality, however, medicine has failed. Medicine is the outer substance. Meditation is the inner substance. Inner pain can only be healed inside, within.

health is the presence of health
Health is NOT the absence of sickness, but a state of well-being.
Health has nothing to do with sickness. So, why is mainstream interfering again and giving it a negative connotation?
Again, I’d like to invite people to pay attention to discourse and the way the system manipulates society with the use of words. It’s a strategic and well organized game they are playing.
Making humanity sick is their benefit. It is the interest of capitalism.
If everyone knew this secret, capitalism would not survive since there would be no need for medicine, doctors, science, etc.
The system wants to hypnotize us. By following the system we are deviated from our own truth, our own power of existence. We have lost this wisdom which lies inside of us and is now covered with all the layers or concepts constructed by the system.

being healthy rather than becoming healthy
As Confucius says, everybody should pay the doctor for keeping him healthy, not for curing him. If he falls sick, then the expenses go on the doctor; the medicines and all the expenses – and his salary will be cut too because he has not been taking care of the man (Osho 1994, 34).
We are doing exactly the opposite. We are paying doctors for “curing” us with medicine or poison.
“You treat one disease, but you treat it with poison: the disease will be gone but the poison will be left in the system. It is a fact and proof that man will be able to live at least three hundred years; that is a scientific estimate. His body has the possibility to go on renewing itself for three hundred years. So, whatever we have been doing is basically wrong because man dies at seventy (Osho 1994, 39).

communicate to the energy
Gregg Braden gives us a very detailed explanation of how our energy works in the Divine Matrix.
The Divine Matrix is the energy field which surrounds us, and to which we can talk through the vibrations of our heart. These vibrations are feelings which emanate a certain energy. This energy has a profound impact on the Divine Matrix and therefore determines our life, moment, experience.
The ability to talk or communicate to the Divine Matrix is innate and everybody has it.
The system or the Matrix (referring to the movie The Matrix) surrounds us and has raped our consciousness. People’s consciousness has been violated so much that people have just forgotten how to talk to this energy field.
The synchronicity between our energy and the outer energy or Divine Matrix is our healing power.
Learning how to talk to this energy field determines our health and well-being.

numbing consciousness
Malcolm X speaks the truth in his speech “message to the grassroots”. Here he explains the difference between the house Negro and the field Negro. He highlights man’s numb consciousness. He goes deeper into the topic and uses a metaphor which depicts the wider picture of man in our society. Malcolm is referring to Afroamericans living in America who were kept under control. His speech applies to the entire humanity today. We are all filed Negroes today, no matter what colour our skin is. The system (religious uncle Toms) is controlling us. It is controlling our consciousness. We are on a roller coaster. Like Malcolm X says, we suffer peacefully. It is like when the dentist is going to pull your teeth out and your pain is attenuated through anaesthetic (Novocaine). You are bleeding everywhere. Yet, you are told to suffer peacefully.

“You bleed when the white man says bleed. You bite when the white man says bite. You bark when the white man says bark. If violence is wrong in America, then violence is wrong abroad.” -Malcolm X


Osho 1994, From Medication to Meditation, The Random House Group Limited, England.

Poetic Lyric


touching – the language of love


I was reading “From Medication to Meditation” by Osho the other day and I came across a passage which touched my heart again. It is about the healing power of our hands through massage. I’d like to quote a part of this passage:

“Massage is something that you can start learning but you never finish. It goes on and on, and the experience becomes continuously deeper and deeper, and higher and higher. Massage is one of the most subtle arts – and it is not only a question of expertise. It is more a question of love. Learn the technique – then forget it. Then just feel, and move by feeling. When you learn deeply, ninety per cent of the work is done by love, ten percent by the technique. By just the very touch, a loving touch, something relaxes in the body. If you love and feel compassion for the other person, and feel the ultimate value of him; if you don’t treat him as if he is a mechanism to be put right, but an energy of tremendous value; if you are grateful that he trusts you and allows you to play with his energy – then by and by you will feel as if you are playing on an organ. The whole body becomes the keys of the organ and you can feel that a harmony is created inside the body. Not only will the person be helped, but you also. Massage is needed in the world because love has disappeared. Once the very touch of lovers was enough. A mother touched the child, played with his body, and it was enough, more than enough. It was deep relaxation and part of love. But that has disappeared from the world. By and by we have forgotten where to touch, how to touch, how deep to touch. In fact touch is one of the most forgotten languages. We have become almost awkward in touching, because the very word has bee corrupted by so-called religious people. They have given it a sexual colour. The word has become sexual and people have become afraid. Everybody is on guard not to be touched unless he allows it. Now in the West the other extreme has come. Touch and massage have become sexual. Now massage is just a cover, a blanket, for sexuality. In fact neither touch or massage are sexual. They are foundation of love. When love falls from its height it becomes sex, and then it becomes ugly. So be prayerful. When you touch the body of a person be prayerful – as if God himself is there, and you are just serving him. Flow with total energy. And whenever you see the body flowing and the energy creating a new pattern of harmony, you will feel a delight that you have never felt before. You will fall into deep meditation. While massaging, just massage. Don’t think of other things because those are distractions. Be in your fingers and your hands as if your whole being, your whole soul is there. Don’t let it be just a touch of the body. Your whole soul enters into the body of the other, penetrates it, relaxes the deepest complexes. And make it a play, don’t do it as a job; make it a game and take it as fun. Laugh and let the other laugh too. Massage is to come to a rapport with the energy of somebody else’s body and to feel where it is missing, to feel where the body is fragmentary and to make it whole…to help the energy of the body so it is no longer fragmentary, no longer contradictory. When the energies of the body are falling into line and becoming as orchestra, then you succeed. So be very respectful of a human’s body. It is the very shrine of God, the temple of god. So, with deep reverence, learn your art. It is one of the greatest things to learn.”


Osho 1994, From Medication to Meditation, Great Britain, C.W. Daniel Company Limited, pp.179-180