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I am a human being who loves life in all its subtle ways. I love people and I love interacting with them. Going through life is an exuberant and mystical experience. Life is transformation, totality, contradiction, integration, totality, plurality. I am writing this blog without any purpose. Writing is an art of expression. It creates positive energy and shapes reality. I choose my words with full awareness since I believe that words possess the power of shaping reality. Positive language defines positive life. People have always judged me for a complicated and irrational human being, only because I do not fit into the system. In reality, I am a very simple human being who is in love with life and everything that surrounds me. I am a human being who accepts things as they are and does not expect anything from the world. I am here to be happy and to see all the colours of life. I was born to be totally free – free from any attachment, free from any system, free from any religion, free from any sense of belonging. Total Freedom is the principle I base my whole life philosophy on. Meditation is my life and life is my meditation. What I LOVE LOVE is dark chocolate!

12 thoughts on “About

  1. It would be nice if you’d either show the meta toolbox or put an RSS subscription button on your blog. For those of us who use Readers other than the WordPress Reader it would be easier to follow you.

    I liked the homogeneity post!
    A retired photographer looks at life
    Life Unscripted on WordPress

      1. In Appearance>Widgets> you’ll find a bunch of tools you can put in your margin — among them is one for RSS feeds.

        I know it’s confusing — took me a long time to figure out what to do and how to arrange my own, so just hang in there.

        if you have questions I could help with simple things but mostly it’s just wandering around your new neighborhood and “meeting the [program] neighbors” 🙂


      2. You sho-enuf did!

        I already took the manual shortcut to following your feed on RSS but I’m sure others will want the shortcut.


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