halal eating – Muslims wake up!

Muslims and non Muslims WAKE UP! I am referring to all humanity –  One people. One world. Because – One God.

Since I am vegetarian I have never paid much attention to halal food until I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine who made a point and made me think.

What is the actual meaning of halal food? In Islam, halal food is the permitted food by Allah – our creator. The Qu’ran states clearly that all Muslims should avoid eating haram food such as pork for example and many other kinds of food.

“You are forbidden to eat carrion; blood; pig’s meat; any animal over which any name other than God’s has been invoked; any animal strangled, or victim of a violent blow or fall, or gored or savaged by a beast of prey, unless you still slaughter it [in the correct manner]; or anything sacrificed on idolatrous altars.” – Qu’ran Sura Al-Ma’idah 5:3

If we pay attention, the Qu’ran states clearly that any animal who has been a victim of violence is not to be eaten. It is haram (forbidden). Why? It is simple. Our creator would never want us to inject violence in our body and consciousness. Allah would want us to stop violence over anything he has created. What happens to our animals today? Are they still treated with love and killed with gratitude and appreciation in the name of God? The answer is NO. We only need to observe how chicken, for example, is treated and killed. Chickens are kept in small rooms with no air and fed with chemicals until they fall off and die because too fat. Yes, that dead meat is the chicken you find in the supermarkets. It is not only dead. It was dead even before being dead, if you know what I mean. That chicken had nothing to do with life and love from its birth. It has just been treated like a product, not like a living being – a gift from God. And even products ought to be treated with love, since they are given by God too. Where has humanity go wrong here? It is super haram to eat this kind of chicken. You can slaughter it in the name of God and it will still be haram. Why? Because it has been maltreated. There is no love in that chicken. It will harm your body and if you eat it, you will not show gratitude for the life that has been given to you by the creator. God wants us to be healthy. That is why he has forbidden certain foods. Simply because they are unhealthy. A person who eats unhealthy food does not show appreciation. He does not care about life. That food could kill him. And we’ve heard many cases where people died because of food poisoning.

Haram meat, however, is not the only forbidden food. The Qu’ran also talks about alcohol and other toxins considered harmful for us and therefore haram. “O you who believe, intoxicants, gambling, altars and arrows of chance are afflictions which are the work of the devil; you shall stay away from him, that you may succeed.” Qu’ran Sura Al-Ma’idah 5:90

Why has alcohol and other intoxicants been forbidden? Simply because these substances drag us away from God and therefore ourselves – our consciousness. How can we focus if we feel tipsy, drunk or high? How can we pray 5 times a day with alcohol in our body? We can’t. Because we cannot be connected to Allah and ourselves. We can’t prostrate in front of our creator if we are not conscious. However, alcohol and intoxicants, such as drugs, should not be taken as the only haram substances, only because the Qu’ran does not clearly mention other things. There is a subtle message hidden in that Aiyah when Allah tells us to keep away from intoxicants. It is implicit and we need to capture this message: We should not eat anything that contains toxins either, such as GM products for example. That food is haram too. It is harmful, first because it contains chemicals which our body is not able to reject, and second because that food is mass-production oriented and has not been grown to nourish our soul, but to fill up our stomachs. Since when, do we human beings eat for the purpose of filling our stomach? Don’t we eat to live? Or is it the other way around: we live to eat? I am certain that we eat to live.

As a result, the food that we buy from the supermarkets today is just the idea of food. In reality, it has been made from the same products such as soy and corn which have just been modified in million of different ways to create “different products”, today known as coca-cola, nutella, etc. Those “different products” are actually the same: soy or/and corn. This kind of food makes us unaware. It makes us feel bloated and heavy. It makes us unconscious. So, if you eat this kind of food and stand in front of the creator and prostrate, it is like praying drunken. There is no difference. Consciousness is consciousness. No consciousness is no consciousness.

I’d like to conclude with a very meaningful hadeeth in relation to food and consciousness. Al-Hassan Al-Basri said: “O, son of Adam, eat with one third of your stomach and drink with one third and leave one third of your stomach to breathe so that you may think.”



What about us?

“Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity” said once a Pakistani friend of mine, a woman who has lived in a country where peace is not something you find when you wake up, but something you need to search for deep in your heart and survival is far away from being a daily state of certainty. In countries like Pakistan life is a gift you appreciate with every breath you take. Life is a gift. Period. It does not matter which country you are from. It is a gift I appreciate every day of my life and I live in a peaceful country such as New Zealand, thanks God, where terrorism is almost considered unreal. Today I feel that the entire world is affected by a disease I call “heartlessness”. Everywhere people are dressed in uniforms of brutality (Bob Marley, Burnin’ and Lootin’). There is violence everywhere, because there is no peace in our hearts. There is no peace in our minds. There is no peace in our souls. Humanity is suffering. The earth is suffering – the trees, the birds, the ocean, the sky…Everything is crying. Everybody is dying. Are we blind? Are we depth? Are we senseless?

Did you ever stop to notice
All the blood we’ve shed before
Did you ever stop to notice
The crying Earth the weeping shores?
Did you ever stop to notice
All the children dead from war
Did you ever stop to notice
The crying Earth the weeping shores
I used to dream
I used to glance beyond the stars
Now I don’t know where we are
Although I know we’ve drifted far

Hey, what about yesterday? What about us?
What about the seas? What about us?
The heavens are falling down? What about us?
I can’t even breathe? What about us?
What about apathy? What about us?
I need you? What about us?
What about nature’s worth
It’s our planet’s womb? What about us?
What about animals? What about it?
We’ve turned kingdoms to dust? What about us?
What about elephants? What about us?
Have we lost their trust? What about us?
What about crying whales? What about us?
We’re ravaging the seas? What about us?
What about forest trails?
Burnt despite our pleas? What about us?
What about the holy land? What about it?
Torn apart by creed? What about us?
What about the common man? What about us?
Can’t we set him free? What about us?
What about children dying? What about us?
Can’t you hear them cry? What about us?
Where did we go wrong
Someone tell me why? What about us?
What about babies?? What about it?
What about the days? What about us?
What about all their joy? What about us?
What about the man? What about us?
What about the crying man? What about us?
What about Abraham? What about us?
What about death again
Do we give a damn
Michael Jackson, Earth song


Bombing for peace is a farce!

Anyone who claims to bomb innocent civilians “for peace” is a terrorist, despite nationality, ethnicity and religion. This applies to Israelis who bomb innocent Palestinians, to Palestinians who are not bombing because they are Muslims, but because they are angry and desperate. A daughter who has seen her own mother losing her dignity and dying at checkpoints while giving birth will naturally blow herself up and consequently kill people. It is not a justifiable act, but it is understandable that you can simply lose your mind in that situation. And yes America, it applies to you as well. Don’t think that you get cleaned out of this dirty game you are a huge part of. You can’t combat terrorism while being a terrorist yourself. Or are your bombs which killed millions of people in Baghdad and Afghanistan “in the name of democracy and peace” justified? You claim you are defending your people. How can there be a defence without there being an attack? And we all know that 9/11 was a well planned “own goal” which on purpose spread dirt on Islam – a religion of peace, love and mercy. I am not defending Islam here. I am just telling some facts. Any religion is based on peace and love. No holy book speaks of killing people. So, to you too, dear people who claim to be Muslims. Being a Muslim is not just a name you can spit on. It is a way of life. You are just humans – imperfect while Islam is perfect. Carrying the name of Islam while hating is unislamic, “unspiritual” and inhuman. Islam means peace. To all those who bomb in the name of Allah – our creator – I’d like to say: I am sorry dude, but people who have a minimum of common sense and intelligence won’t swallow your pill. How can you be religious and at the same time bomb and kill people? And destroy creation? The name you carry is not honourd by you. You can’t be a Muslim and carry hate in your heart. I am a Muslim and I don’t even hate you. I feel compassion. I pray for all those families who lost their relatives in Boston last week. I pray for all those who are heavily injured and whose lives can never be the same like before. May you still find peace and love in challenging times and may you be rewarded for those feelings. I pray for those who kill in the name of peace. May you find the way to get to the deepest part of your soul and feel love for yourself first and then for your brothers and sisters on earth. Only then will there be peace on earth. I pray for all those families who lose their children in war or natural disasters every day. Those people whose pain is not mentioned in the media because “it is useless news while filling the newspaper with Boston news and blaming it on Islamic terrorists can change the people’s consciousness and can give us Americans the reason to continue the war against terrorism in Afghanistan”. Again I’d like to quote Bob Marley: “Until the philosophy that holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently abandoned and discredited there is war.”


Poetic Lyric



photo (1)

This poem is about my experience with ethnic women who migrated to a foreign country after having forcefully contracted matrimony with a man from their country who cooperates with his family in abusing and maltreating his beautiful bride.
I love culture and I love the difference. What I do not support is when culture becomes a tool for control and patriarchy legitimizing torture of the spirit and soul. This is cruel and inhuman. This poem is for all men who through their desire for superiority manifest their utter inferiority. It is for these women who are fighting the cruelties inflicted upon them. You are the mothers of my heart. Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience with me. Love is the only truth. Love always wins.


Beautiful women crying a river
is bitter and there ain’t no vanilla
causing a filler
for mother Camilla.

You proclaim virginity and that’s not infinity.
It’s absurdity. Don’t forget your act of adultery!

Everything is about the pill
I don’t want to kill
How can you pay the bill after you destroy my will?
I fill
my life with light
and there is no space for pride.
Everything is a delight
that’s my fight!

There is no quest
I get out of your nest
for the best
and I profess that you are a follower of the system
and you’ll be killed by this system
which colonized people with a luggage of evil.
This is illegal!
They sent missioners to India
and destroyed the Inker.

Christianity defines your individuality
and you reject your spirituality!

I see women lost in patriarchal religiosity
brainwashed and extirpated from their majesty!
They are the almighty!
They are true wisdom
but you scare them with your ‘fist dom’.
You burn them alive and tell them lies.
You are like a fly who cannot see the sky
because that’s where they cry!
Eat your pie!
And die.

You know about our power
that’s why you are not a flower.
Rinse yourself in the shower and eliminate your dirt.
That ain’t a flirt!
I’ll walk without my skirt.
And rebel!

This is my fight
for the missing light of the night
what you bring is nothing but gloom and no moon
and it’s not even noon.

A woman gives life to a ‘self’
and tidies up the shelf
She ain’t your serf.

She prepares your meal
what you don’t even feel
and that’s why you can’t heal.
That’s only half of the point
since you are not even joint.

You cannot confess and play chess
with your mess
You cannot impress!
Your wife is your guest.
Don’t think she’s replacing your mother
cuz she don’t bother.
This is idiotic
and her eyes ain’t myopic.

Your game is a flame.
Don’t even blame cuz you are a shame
that’s why you got no name!

Your philosophy ain’t realistic and it’s not even a characteristic.
It is all about mystic
which is all intrinsic.
The truth is inside and you are outside.

To hell with your philosophy
which is all about conformity
to a system of fake religiosity
where the Pope is a ‘nope’
and your guru doesn’t speak Urdu.

Power is of the flower.
Without us you are fuss
stop all that buzz!
You are making unnecessary noise
and you forgot that we got choice.

What you do with your kids
is nothing but a fix.
Clean yourself up
Maybe then there will be a follow-up.
You need to purify your soul
to feel the whole.
Or you’ll be an ass hole without a goal.

Our home is not your dome
knowing your confusion
is the contribution of your infusion.
No reflexion without a resurrection.
Again they cry because you deny.
Without a crown you can’t have a throne.
Prosecuted and imputed!
Your actions are culturally and humanly unacceptable
which makes you not flexible nor intellectual.
Please don’t measure
It ain’t no leisure.
It’s not a pleasure
to see men without dignity
seeking their purity in the ocean of insecurity.
What you see as a relationship
is nothing but a ‘labelship’ without companionship.

Aggression is your profession
That’s not a concession.

You want to relate
how can you without a debate?
That’s too late, ‘cuz you are nothing but ache
plus you are fake.
That’s why you can’t see the lake.
You never bake a cake
now you know why she don’t shake.

Here is the veil
now, why are you pale?
She’s loving the fact that you don’t even act.
What a lack.
It doesn’t make sense
so drop your defence!
Your behaviour is not normal
so why are you being formal?

Infected by alopecia
you ain’t an encyclopaedia.
Go back to Indonesia!

Go back to your mummy
that’s the only place you can be funny!
Stop hollering at the widow
who’s crying on your pillow.

Your wife is not your slave so please withdraw her from your case!
Outside you play the man
Inside you loose the game.
Your manhood is connected to your childhood
Go back to the wood
and follow your foot
and be good.

Inshallah without Allah
There is no nikah!
Everything is bla bla bla
Beautiful women dressed in a saree
smiling innocently
accused incorrectly.
The nikah – oh la la.
Is the only permission from Allah
after which they pray inshallah.

Fornication is part of the nation
and imagination condemnation?
What an accusation!

Your tradition is just a repetition
of patriarchy and monarchy
and we know they key!
So, let’s ski!

Mainstream is the extreme
of a theme
which I am not keen.
I say “talak” which in my language means ‘fuck’.
Our intellectual rights are above your presidential fights.

Obedience is not the right ingredient
we don’t want to be recipients of your convenience

Stand up and be a man
or I’ll be not your fan!

Poetic Lyric