Oceania is the powerful creation of thought which can move mountains and expand rivers.
It is the visualization of a place. I live in this mystical place which is known as the Pacific and surrounded by islands.
It is about these islands and the perception of them that I’d like to talk about and how the way we perceive certain things shape reality. Our perception creates an image, an idea and a limited way of seeing things which eradicates the pluralistic essence of that particular “image”. Furthermore, it is worth observing here how words create images and therefore shape reality.
The concept of ‘Pacific Islands’ connotes smallness while the term ‘Oceania’ defines vastness and a sense of infinity. Oceania – that’s the magical place where I live.
Hau’ofa is the author of “Our Sea of Islands”, a piece of writing which outlines the immensity of Oceania and the power of the people of the ocean.
I once asked myself a fundamental question: How is it possible that the minority controls the majority, namely what the media refer to as the first world and the third world respectively?
How is it possible that powerful people such as the people of the ocean were colonised notwithstanding their powerful energy and meaningful existence shaped by myths, legends, oral traditions and cosmologies?
How is it possible that people from Africa are considered poor despite their rich resources such as coffee, timber, gold and their powerful soul where music and vibration have their eternal stay?
In my previous posts about development I have outlined the causes which today shaped and separated the world into poor and rich, transforming the essence of humanity based on ‘oneness’ and ‘one people’ into first, second and third class citizen. Today those who are part of the first world are considered developed and rich, while those who live in the third world are the poor and underdeveloped ones.

However, “smallness is a state of mind” (Hau’ofa 1993, p.7). If you think of yourself as big, then you are big and therefore powerful.
We all are powerful creatures of the universe.
The issue is: Do we know it? Do we know how powerful we are? Do we believe in ourselves?
We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.
Once we realize this fact, then we need to make the next step: using powerful language. For instance, viewing the Pacific as ‘islands in a far sea’ and as ‘a sea of islands’ resonates a diverse energy and vibration. “The first emphasises dry surfaces in a vast ocean far from the centres of power. If you focus that way you stress the remoteness of the islands. The second is a more holistic perspective in which things are seen in the totality of their relationship” (Hau’ofa 1993, p.7).
The people of the ocean expand their stories everywhere they go when they cross the ocean. “The ocean is theirs because it has always been their home. Social scientists may write of Oceania as a Spanish Lake, a British Lake, an American lake, and even a Japanese Lake. But we all know that only those who make the ocean their home and love it, can really claim it theirs. Conquerors come, conquerors go, the ocean remains, mother only to her children. this mother has a big heart though; she adopts anyone who loves her” (Hau’ofa, 1993, p.10-11).
What we believe and how we think determines our life – our reality.
That’s how colonisation happened.
Atrocities happen because we allow them to happen. Because we expect them to happen. Because we think them to happen. Thoughts can be colonized. Thoughts can colonize.
Only by changing our thought pattern will we change reality, as Malcolm X says. He says: “Once you change your philosophy, you change your thought pattern. Once you change your thought pattern, you change your attitude. Once you change your attitude, it changes your behavior pattern. Then you go on into some action. As long as you have to sit-down philosophy, you will have a sit-down thought pattern. As long as you think that old sit-down thought, you will be in some kind of a sit-down action. They’ll have you sitting in everywhere. It’s not so good to refer to what you are going to do as a sit-in.”
Change the picture of your mind. Any picture is a crystallisation of the truth – that truth, however, is subjective. It is only your reality.
You create reality. Therefore, create it beautifully and holy as it is. In order to do this, comparisons need to drop.
“A picture is a fact”, as Ludwig Wittgenstein says.
So, change the picture of atrocities and substitute it with a positive one.
Only then the philosophy which holds one race superior while another inferior will finally be abandoned and permanently discredited (Haile Selassie).
Think big and you will be big.
We are the creators of the universe.
We are powerful beings. We came from love and we are love.
Therefore all we can naturally create is love – nothing else.
Stop any sort of corruption from fluttering your spirit.
Be love and live eternally.

Poetic Lyric


Hau’ofa, E. (1993). ‘Our Sea of Islands’. In E. Waddell, V. Naidu and E. Hau’ofa (eds.).
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