why I write


Dear readers,

Reality is what this blog is all about.You will find poetry written by me in times of bleeding and in times of shining.You will find articles and simple texts where I simply express out loud! There is lots of living, bleeding and feeling all of which is the beautiful experience of HAPPINESS! Happy to be alive. To be here living this amazing experience called life.

Here I express about FEELINGS. It is all about feelings. Feelings of love. Feelings of compassion. Feelings of gratitude. Feelings of appreciation. Feelings of peace. Feelings for humanity. 

Most people say I am blunt. I do not know any other way of describing my feelings, since I believe that feelings are real – they come from your heart and are the expression of you, while thoughts are fruit of the mind which can be expressed diplomatically as a result, because you can control what you are about to say with your mind. There is no way you can control your feelings. If you cry, you cry. If you smile, you smile. If you boost out in tears after a crack up, you crack up. Feelings are.  I always say: Blood is red. How else can you say that it ‘s red? The mind might find different ways of expressing “the redness” of blood since it is thinking. The same applies to a situation or something you would like to express to another person but somehow do not find the courage to say it as it is. “How can I put it into nice  words, so that the other person does not get offended?” would the mind say. This is an ongoing thing. My conclusion is:

Screw the mind!
Blood is red!
You say it the way it is and this is how I use my words. It is all about being real, being you – who you really are, being authentic. I do not care about who people want me to be or what kind of words “I should” use in order to express my feelings. That doesn’t make any sense! I am ME! Not you. Not society. Not my mother. Not my cousin. Not my country. Not my culture. The only thing I have is ME: my inside! The only certainty I have is that I am here to live a divine life, to connect to God with every breath I take, with every action of mine and therefore to be a caring and loving human being on earth.

I respect humanity and therefore plurality.
And I celebrate the difference. I love people the way they are.
I love change and I love vibration.
Everything I write about comes from my heart. I might use strong words which hit – that is only cuz I have never learned how to be diplomatic.
The message I spread in this blog is ONE:


People who inspire me are Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, Malcolm X, Lauren Hill and Bob Marley. I love their pure soul and the fact that they stand up for who they are without compromising. Each of them deliver one message: to be yourself, the real you in the name of love. And each one uses a tool to express this message: Bruce Lee through Kung Fu (even though he is a total freestyler and that is what makes him HIM), Muhammad Ali through boxing, Malcolm X through his amazing speeches during a time where the so called “Black man” in America had no voice, Lauren Hill through her lyrics  , especially in her unplugged where she decides to hit the stage with her raspy voice, her jeans and boyish cap – she just stands up and says: “I don’t consider myself a performer anymore…I used to get dressed up and make sure my voice is pure, trying to maintain this “fake” state of being…” (I don’t remember her exact words), and Bob Marley through  his music and absolute authentic lyrics full of love for humanity.

Another reason why I write is because I love sharing and I firmly believe that blogging is the new way of learning. I have always thought that knowledge does not come from school books, but from interacting with people.

Here, I will write about anything: education, poetry, religions, spirituality, personal experiences, music, philosophy, politics, yoga, meditation, health and food, and what it means to be a yogi applying the philosophy “no way as a way and having no limitations as limitation.” (Bruce Lee).

With love,

Poetic Lyric

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