the power of homeschooling

A homeschooled human being who expresses the power of learning through unschooling! The topic ‘homeschooling’ is still tabu in most modern and civilized societies where it is thought that learning occurs at school. Before we express our inclinations versus or against homeschooling, we need to ask the questions ‘what is learning?’ and ‘how does it happen?’ One of the reasons why my husband and I decided to homeschool our kids is because we believe that kids need to FEEL FREE. Schools do not offer freedom. Hence, we need to ask ourselves whether what they call ‘learning’ connotes learning or whether it puts kids into a box according to which their minds get shaped and their creativity annulled. This video puts it into simple words and I thought I would share it as it gives the whole picture of what homeschooling actualy is: learning to learn and a constant search for the truth, or in other words learning from the soul, expanding meaning and connecting to your inner knowledge and spirit.Kids who are homeschooled become creators of meaning. They change the world. Their learning space is not the classroo. It is the whole world with its energy, trees,greens, mountains, animals, seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, flowers, colours,…


asthanga – vinyasana yoga: detox body, mind and spirit from the inside out

ImageI am an active ashtanga – vinyasana yoga practisioner. Yoga is another gift which has been given to me by God. Yoga is part of my life. It is part of my day – like sleeping, eating and brushing my teeth. Of course, there are days when I do not practise. On those days my body tells me: stop stretching me. And yoga teaches me to listen to my body. Yoga teaches me many things which are all inside of me and which I myself need to discover through my practice. My practice is different every day. Sometimes I am more flexible. Sometimes I am more balanced. Sometimes I can’t be bothered and I totally lose focus and start gazing around instead of listening to my breath. And here is the most significant aspect of yoga: THE BREATH! It is not about the poses. it is not about how flexible you are. It is not about how strong you are. It is only about how good you are at focusing on the breath. When you focus on the breath, everything else follows: movements and focus. That is when you are balanced and flexible. Even though, the level of flexibility in certain areas does not really depend on your focus or type of body. It depends on your emotions: fear, trust, self-esteem etc. I myself am less flexible in my hips and I know it is connected to trust issues. i need to let go and surrender. It comes from the inside out. Once I acknowledge the matter, I need to loosen up and let go of my fear…that is when my hips will automatically open up. Everything is so connected.

The breath is our focus, as stated before. It sounds easy, but it is an art. Simply because we are made of body, mind and spirit and yoga is not only a body practice, or a mind practice, or a spirit practice. NO! It is a body, mind, spirit practice. It is a holistic practice. You tone your muscles, you strengthen your body, you become more flexible, you cleanse your body and you clear your mind FROM THE INSIDE OUT – through the breath. Not through a pole which you are lifting yourself up to “get strong muscles” at the gym, not from sit-ups or push-ups which ONLY strengthen your muscles. Nothing of all that. It all starts from the breath which is inside of you. The breath is your tool. Your pole. It is pretty amazing what you can do with your breath. In ashtanga yoga we use a special way of breathing which consists of contracting the throat muscles and therefore breathing through the nose from the back of your throat (ujjai breath). The louder the breath, the more you can focus on it. And the more you are able to still your mind. The slower and longer both inhalation and exhalation, the deeper you get into the pose. It is almost like a trance. You totally disappear from the world and you enter your soul. Your inside. The only existing world for us human beings. The world where all our secrets lie. The world which we tend to escape daily by keeping us busy with work, people, material things. When you enter your soul, you become mindful, conscious, aware and connected to your heart. When Bruce Lee says: “Empty your mind”, he does not literally mean to stop thinking. He means to become mindful and by becoming mindful, we become aware. By becoming aware, we start watching our thoughts and just be observers. So, meditation does not mean to stop thinking. We cannot stop thinking. It is a natural way of our being. It is part of us. Mediation teaches us to watch our thoughts and to stop judging them. So, when people say: “I cannot meditate because everytime I close my eyes, I start thinking about all the stuff. So, I can’t meditate”, it does not mean that they are not able to meditate. Everyone is able to meditate as long as you are able to breathe.  And once you start meditating, you improve day by day until you get to the point where you become one with your breath. That is when you are able to still the mind, to silence the mind – to stop judging yourself and to just let go and observe what the hell is going on in there. And ashtanga yoga is a moving meditation. Every move is an inhalation or exhalation. Every inhalation has the same length as the inhalation. Every movement is significant. It connects you to the earth, to the sun and to yourself. Every drishti (the direction of your gaze in every pose) is significant and determinant for your focus during your practice. Ashtanga – vinyasana yoga: body (movement), mind (breath) and spirit (drishti). Throughout the whole practice you maintain the flow of your breath and you put the bandhas on (please look it up online as i don’t want to get to technical here).

I find it pretty amazing that through the art of breathing you move your body and you get flexible, strong, focused and cleansed.


halal eating – Muslims wake up!

Muslims and non Muslims WAKE UP! I am referring to all humanity –  One people. One world. Because – One God.

Since I am vegetarian I have never paid much attention to halal food until I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine who made a point and made me think.

What is the actual meaning of halal food? In Islam, halal food is the permitted food by Allah – our creator. The Qu’ran states clearly that all Muslims should avoid eating haram food such as pork for example and many other kinds of food.

“You are forbidden to eat carrion; blood; pig’s meat; any animal over which any name other than God’s has been invoked; any animal strangled, or victim of a violent blow or fall, or gored or savaged by a beast of prey, unless you still slaughter it [in the correct manner]; or anything sacrificed on idolatrous altars.” – Qu’ran Sura Al-Ma’idah 5:3

If we pay attention, the Qu’ran states clearly that any animal who has been a victim of violence is not to be eaten. It is haram (forbidden). Why? It is simple. Our creator would never want us to inject violence in our body and consciousness. Allah would want us to stop violence over anything he has created. What happens to our animals today? Are they still treated with love and killed with gratitude and appreciation in the name of God? The answer is NO. We only need to observe how chicken, for example, is treated and killed. Chickens are kept in small rooms with no air and fed with chemicals until they fall off and die because too fat. Yes, that dead meat is the chicken you find in the supermarkets. It is not only dead. It was dead even before being dead, if you know what I mean. That chicken had nothing to do with life and love from its birth. It has just been treated like a product, not like a living being – a gift from God. And even products ought to be treated with love, since they are given by God too. Where has humanity go wrong here? It is super haram to eat this kind of chicken. You can slaughter it in the name of God and it will still be haram. Why? Because it has been maltreated. There is no love in that chicken. It will harm your body and if you eat it, you will not show gratitude for the life that has been given to you by the creator. God wants us to be healthy. That is why he has forbidden certain foods. Simply because they are unhealthy. A person who eats unhealthy food does not show appreciation. He does not care about life. That food could kill him. And we’ve heard many cases where people died because of food poisoning.

Haram meat, however, is not the only forbidden food. The Qu’ran also talks about alcohol and other toxins considered harmful for us and therefore haram. “O you who believe, intoxicants, gambling, altars and arrows of chance are afflictions which are the work of the devil; you shall stay away from him, that you may succeed.” Qu’ran Sura Al-Ma’idah 5:90

Why has alcohol and other intoxicants been forbidden? Simply because these substances drag us away from God and therefore ourselves – our consciousness. How can we focus if we feel tipsy, drunk or high? How can we pray 5 times a day with alcohol in our body? We can’t. Because we cannot be connected to Allah and ourselves. We can’t prostrate in front of our creator if we are not conscious. However, alcohol and intoxicants, such as drugs, should not be taken as the only haram substances, only because the Qu’ran does not clearly mention other things. There is a subtle message hidden in that Aiyah when Allah tells us to keep away from intoxicants. It is implicit and we need to capture this message: We should not eat anything that contains toxins either, such as GM products for example. That food is haram too. It is harmful, first because it contains chemicals which our body is not able to reject, and second because that food is mass-production oriented and has not been grown to nourish our soul, but to fill up our stomachs. Since when, do we human beings eat for the purpose of filling our stomach? Don’t we eat to live? Or is it the other way around: we live to eat? I am certain that we eat to live.

As a result, the food that we buy from the supermarkets today is just the idea of food. In reality, it has been made from the same products such as soy and corn which have just been modified in million of different ways to create “different products”, today known as coca-cola, nutella, etc. Those “different products” are actually the same: soy or/and corn. This kind of food makes us unaware. It makes us feel bloated and heavy. It makes us unconscious. So, if you eat this kind of food and stand in front of the creator and prostrate, it is like praying drunken. There is no difference. Consciousness is consciousness. No consciousness is no consciousness.

I’d like to conclude with a very meaningful hadeeth in relation to food and consciousness. Al-Hassan Al-Basri said: “O, son of Adam, eat with one third of your stomach and drink with one third and leave one third of your stomach to breathe so that you may think.”


What time is it? – NOW Who are you? – THIS MOMENT


Peaceful warrior is my favourite movie all times.
I have never watched a movie that is so meaningful, a movie that has such a significant message for the world.
From the moment I started watching it, I could not believe my eyes and ears.
Every word, every moment was just so deep and significant.
It represents life the way it is: timeless
Live now. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.
Only now.
When you live now, all there is is what you see at that moment and you see everything – all the colours of life.
So many things are happening in one moment.
Everything is so alive: the trees, the ocean, the flowers, the grass, the sun, the moon, the wind, the rain…
Everything moves in synch. It is all connected.
“You make that moment for the moment, not for the gold”.
“The journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination.”

Life is full of beautiful moments and the “sad” moments are also beautiful. Every time I feel sad, people start considering me a person who is suffering. In reality, I am not suffering. I am living that pain. It is my journey.
The journey can be sad or happy. Both journeys are beautiful and I just love being present during that journey. I love every moment of the journey…it has so many surprises for me and it is mysterious because I do not intend to arrive anywhere, I have no destination….I just live this journey and go with the flow..That’s when all the synchronicities in my life happen. I don’t do anything. Things just happen and the energy just floats towards me. I feel so rich. It is an amazing and indescribable feeling. I consider it a present of life. For me. Every journey is a life lesson for me and I appreciate it and celebrate it.
I feel so alive. There is a really cool French expression I have recently learnt which I use daily to express how much I love living. Je kiffe my life.

This is my favourite part of the movie.
It is a dialogue.

What time is it?
What are you?
-this moment.

 A warrior is about absolute vulnerability!

Poetic Lyric

twin flames in poetry

These lyrics tell the story of two twin flames who met and live in poetry. They kiss and play melody and fill the world with poetry. Blood is in the air and love is all they care.


When your green eyes penetrated my soul
and your smile walked me to the sky
is when I knew I had arrived in paradise.

When you were close to me for the first time
and the smell of your skin pervaded my senses
is when we moved into a melody…down to the periphery.

When your hand stroke my hand
and you said to me:”Let’s go to the beach and just be”
is when I felt the blueness of the sea.

When I first stepped inside…
I saw you sitting there playing your guitar…
is when I realized I knew you – that ain’t bizarre.

Your heart and soul felt not new…
And I knew I was in love with you.

When you invited me to sit by your side
gently penetrating my soul
is when I followed the endless stream
which took me to an infinite dream.

I was pulled by the wind and the water
…I felt your lips
and we kissed
and lived in poetry.



warm tears

warm tears

Sometimes I feel ice is touching my soul
and freezing it.
That’s when I find it hard to say
a word.
Have you every had this feeling…
when you cannot open your lips?
That’s when I feel
I need to free my soul
from that pain that is suffocating
my existence.
Then I cry,
and warm tears are dropping down my face.
That’s when I feel
That’s when I feel
I am still alive.