Inspiration is what led to the creation of this blog – a collection of diverse random thoughts and feelings all of which are interconnected and interchangeable forming a oneness – human nature. The interchangeability of these manifestations determine the complexity of the simplicity of humanity. Out of context is what defines the essence of this blog, since out of context is what ultimately defines existence. Human nature is a fabulous amalgam of contradictory manifestations all of which are the evidence of sheer nonsense – the only truth. 

The realisation of this fact is immortality. Immortality is living.

This blog is about the vibrational experience of our existence. Silence and Colours. In a moment of complete silence is when a flower becomes the river, when the river becomes the flower. In a moment of complete silence is when words flow like a river. Panta Rhei. Everything flows like the flowing river where the water never touches the same stone twice, like the wind that caresses each leaf ones, like the waves which constantly move and still remain still. It is alchemy.


Poetic Lyric


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