the ocean

the ocean

We all have Déjà vu. We all see things in our dreams that echoes our reality in real life.We see people on the street who we have never seen before. Yet, our heart vibrates and we connect to them. Without any reasoning. We feel it. The mind has no place here. 

I live in the blue ocean. I feel like I am the water which moves in synch with the wind.
I am in the ocean, a place where there is nothingness, emptiness.
Here I live. Here I breathe. Here I feel life. Sometimes I swim right up to the surface and I put my head out of the water. That’s when I see humanity – all the people I see from the surface are rushing and looking for something. They are looking for the ocean. The ocean is right there, in front of them. They do not see it.
Their sight is obscured with everything. They see everything everywhere.
In reality, there is nothing to see.
Close your eyes and open them again. Concentrate on your breath and your inner self. Can you see now that there is nothing? When you are able to see nothing, you will see all the colours of life. Then, you will see the ocean. You will immerse yourself in the ocean. You will become the ocean.
I pull my head back into the water again and swim provoking synchronized and melodic waves.

I watched the movie “The Jacket” last night. My favourite actor is the protagonist (Adrain Brody).
I love this man. He lives in the ocean too.
This movie shows the complexity of life and our mind power.
More than that it mirrors me, the ocean – a place where you can live eternally. A place where you can see the same things with different eyes and therefore experience the same moment differently. A place where you can change every moment. When you change the moment you risk. When you go back into the past, namely a moment you have already lived and you change it, then all the moments that follow will take a different path, an unknown path. It is a risk. For me, life is a risk. This desire of mine to live the unknown determines the powerful and melodic energy and frequency of the waves I create in the ocean.
If you look carefully, you will see that I have millions of limbs – the waves. They touch everything.

Our deja views and dreams are REAL.
They are the result of our vibrations. They are not part of the unconscious. They are conscious and lived.
They are alive. They all happen inside of us. Inside is where everything happens. There is nothing outside. Everything is inside.
Inside – there is peace and calmness. Inside – there is no desire, no wanting, no searching, no going, no achieving – NOTHING.
Inside – there is only STAYING.
Yet you are moving. How beautiful.

Inside of us is our place – the ocean – here you live an eternal moment – LIFE.
It is always the same place. It is always a different moment. It is always a different feeling.
The moment is changing all the time and within the change you float and swim.
The moment is unique though – it is the moment to live your life.
The ocean never sleeps.
It only rests.
The ocean is immense. It covers up the whole universe.
It touches everything. Every part of the ocean touches different parts of the universe.
Throughout its vastness the ocean lives everything in one unique moment – life.
This is why our life is so synchronized and symbolic – because the moment that we live is made of all the moments that we are living at the same time by touching every part of the universe.
And we move with that feeling…

Poetic Lyric