twin flames in poetry

These lyrics tell the story of two twin flames who met and live in poetry. They kiss and play melody and fill the world with poetry. Blood is in the air and love is all they care.


When your green eyes penetrated my soul
and your smile walked me to the sky
is when I knew I had arrived in paradise.

When you were close to me for the first time
and the smell of your skin pervaded my senses
is when we moved into a melody…down to the periphery.

When your hand stroke my hand
and you said to me:”Let’s go to the beach and just be”
is when I felt the blueness of the sea.

When I first stepped inside…
I saw you sitting there playing your guitar…
is when I realized I knew you – that ain’t bizarre.

Your heart and soul felt not new…
And I knew I was in love with you.

When you invited me to sit by your side
gently penetrating my soul
is when I followed the endless stream
which took me to an infinite dream.

I was pulled by the wind and the water
…I felt your lips
and we kissed
and lived in poetry.