a whole new world

Every time I watch Aladdin my heart stops.
The picture I chose is the transmogrification of my lyrics into visual.
One heart beat – One life.These lyrics are the voice of my soul during a simple walk on the road…

aladine jasmine

On a bright autumn day
as I walk on the road
I see the colours of the sky: red, orange, yellow…
and I live the smells of the street
intense, yet delicate – surreal.
It’s a whole new world.

I feel the breeze. I see the colours
and I walk until I reach the horizon.
Then I touch the sky…
Infinity has begun.
It’s a whole new world
written in my soul
chanted by the birds.

As I walk
I can’t take my eyes off the sky…

I’d like to ask you…

Take my hand and come with me for a ride
fly with me to the sky
through the rainbow
along the stars.

Can you see the wonder?

a floral scent guiding us
into nowhere…
and we fly and touch everywhere.
It’s a whole new world.