be water

You will never know who I am because whatever I am in your eyes is simply not who I am. To know who I am you gotta empty yourself and let energy flow to you….only then will you be pervaded by a feeling of infinity and plurality. A feeling of love.

I am nothing, because I am everything.
I am everything you cannot see, hear or touch.

I am what I am not.

You cannot see me because I am not.
Shapelessness, formlessness.
You can not hear me because I do not speak.
Soundless. Silence.
You cannot touch me because I do not move.

I fly.
I am everywhere.

I am energy.
Energy in motion.

I kiss you
and you vibrate.

Endless motion.

The ‘I’ in this poem is only linguistic since the ‘I’ does not exist.
Only energy exists.
Energy and its vibrational power.