warm tears

warm tears

Sometimes I feel ice is touching my soul
and freezing it.
That’s when I find it hard to say
a word.
Have you every had this feeling…
when you cannot open your lips?
That’s when I feel
I need to free my soul
from that pain that is suffocating
my existence.
Then I cry,
and warm tears are dropping down my face.
That’s when I feel
That’s when I feel
I am still alive.


5 thoughts on “warm tears

  1. What a delightful examination of emotional reactions. Described in starkly specific terms with rich metaphor and sincere voice and tone. Are words and tears interchangeable? Very well done.

    1. Thank you Mike. Yes, words and tears are interchangeable. There is so much poetry written in tears, but people just see the water. They don’t read those lyrics…

      1. My goodness – you even reply to comments poetically! But having read your profile I’m not surprised that this comes to you naturally.

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