us earthkeepers


I believe in looking reality straight in the eyes and denying it. – Garrison Keillor

It was only when I realized that what I see is actually not what is that my whole life changed.

When you are able to see what is is when you can see so many colours.
You can see all the colours.
You can hear all the sounds.
You are not missing anything.
You are there. Fully present. Aware.
It feels like you are still and life is happening to you.
You are just perceiving the overwhelming abundance of life
and you live…
and you are…

just smelling the perfume of life with all its subtle beauties.

How this magic happens?
As the Shamans say it happens “through courageous dreaming”.

You dream courageously when…

You recognize your connection to others and perceive that you are not the only one who matters.

You risk your comfort.

You laugh at yourself, find beauty in any moment or situation, and become the changes you’d like to see in the world.

You accept that you no longer need to make a Herculean effort to try to create happiness and fulfilment in your life, because you will have to say yes to every opportunity for living courageously.

Alberto Villoldo 2008, Courageous Dreaming, Hay House Inc: Carlsbad, p.14.

We are energy.
We are earthkeepers.
We are here to co-create this world and dreaming it into being.
By giving with love and compassion through one channel: our heart.
Our heart vibration is so powerful.
It makes mountains move.
It heals.
It creates.
It keeps life alive.




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