poetry of her heart written in his eyes

magical love

I believe in energy. I believe in synchronised energies between people. When the energies of two people are synchronised is when their colours match. It is not necessarily about having the same interests and opinions. No. It is about the colours of both souls which match, because both feel the melody of the waves of the ocean, both feel the smell of the sand after it rains, both see the colours of the rainbow, both dance the same rhythm of life. These lyrics are dedicated to a great friend of mine – they express warm feelings about a real friendship.

drops of water
blub blub
floatin’ on leaves
creatin’ the colours of autumn
a story
visible in red
sensed through a melody
that’s strokin’ her skin
and deepenin’ his profound eyes
the soul of the leaf
is the story of her heart.

From the window
watch outside
empty streets
listen: tick tick tick
it’s the rain
water crying from the sky
a scream of the earth.

…then the melody of the wind
a light philosophy
a rhythmic sensation
a moment of life
fillin’ her heart
and givin’ it light.

Two souls
walkin’ the same path
they meet
and see…the colours
of a rainbow…written deep in their souls
knowin’ today will never end
It’s the wisdom of the mountains.
Melody of the breeze
Synchronized and harmonized
It’s the magic of the heart
the story carried by the autumn leaf
and written in his black eyes.

He’s playin’ the guitar
“Are you sad” asks the girl.
“No, just feelin’…” he replies.
Immersed into the melody
lost in his dark eyes
the girl continues the story of his life…
– poetry of her heart
carved in his eyes.


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