like a rimshot


This is a song I wrote in a moment of pure inspiration while flattering on a cloud of creativity.
I dedicate these lyrics to all those who live with rhythm and beat.
For those who are music when they breathe.
For those who are melody when they see.
For those who are birds when they hear.
For those whose life is like an endless rimshot.
Pick up a leaf for me
Can you see the lemon tree?
Ain’t no grief – it’s just your ancient belief.

In the rain we dance
let’s never miss this chance
and the colours of the sun set
are determinant for ya mind net

It feels like a rimshot…

Pick up a flower for me
Can you see the lemon tree?
Ain’t no pain – it’s just your rational game.
Turn it into a flame and transform it into pure fame.
In the rain we dance
let’s never miss this chance
and the colours of the sun set
are determinant for ya mind net.

It feels like a rimshot…
Pick up a four leaf clover
for you I am your lover
lovin’ you with infinite heart power
Look from above
there’s always a dove – so pure and secure
– like a ‘picture’.

Here I am on a cloud
and I dream through the sky
look high – above
reach my eyes through your eyes
and feel me – cuz I ain’t flyin’
watch me – I am floating on air
forming a colourful rainbow
come and caress its colours
cuz these are the colours of my soul.
Hey don’t miss it – cuz it’s the mystery of crucial morality.
Come fly with me over the clouds up in the sky.

It feel like a rimshot…

And now tell me
can you feel it? It’s poetry from my heart.
Please come caress it right from the start.
All you gotta feel is this sense of liberty and affinity
of inexperienced propinquity
in such a space of timeless fantasy – wow amazing orcheste – y!
I call it infinity
ain’t no such thang as iniquity in a world full of chemistry!

And now bring it up, bring it up
the four leaf clover and touch my heart
follow my eyes – guidance of ya soul
They will show you unfinished history
of never endin’ majesty
This is the world of full wisdom and tranquillity
We got the ability
to transform it, to create it, to embrace it.

And where fantasy is being stopped
I say liberation over segregation
celebration over demonstration
inspiration defeats separation
Minus “ation” to overtake miseducation
just my initiation, so malinformation disappears
and ya ancient story remains an inflammation of inaccurate incarnation.

I contribute to this tribute
where things like smiles are just cute
people don’t refute
this crystal heart of light and flavoured infuse
of poetic expression – you can’t be mute.
Speak through your eyes
It’s my dream towards self-esteem
Taste it. It’s like chocolate cream.
Oh yeah what a dream…
So sweet. So Tender.
So fruity like Cinderella’s beauty.

It feels like a rimshot…

You know people used to call me a dreamer
In reality I am a courageous cleaner.
no fea – r
– no tea -r
Oh dea -r

Feel my heart – it’s like a cord
that plays fine melody and crossed every stream
Yeah – my dream!
Touch my heart – it goes abroad
and I am always on the road, sometimes on a boat
there I float wearing no raincoat.
watch me – on the river where I simmer
all my emotions manifested from a place called ‘inner’

Hey you – follow my heart
eternal frequency – clear industry!
I am ya pleasure and ya leisure.
My body is movin’ like a rollin’ stone.

Hey – come with me and follow the rimshot

It feels like a rimshot


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