everybody knows that they’re guilty

In this poem I am expressing my feelings about the system.
I got inspired by Lauren Hill while listening to her unplugged which I LOVE.
I don’t respect the system.
I don’t protect the system.
My rebellious expressions are against the system and for humanity and freedom!
Freedom of speech!
Freedom of thinking!
Freedom of being!
This poem is an invitation for the eyes of humanity!
Everybody knows that they’re guilty

“Everybody knows that they’ve guilty” (Lauren Hill, Freedom time).
Everybody knows that they lie.
Everybody knows that they are eating.
Everybody knows that they are drinking
the blood of humanity.
Everybody knows that they are poisoning
the spirit.
Everybody knows that they are obligating
and not educating.
Everybody knows that they are killing.
Killing for peace!
“It is a moral infection”(Lauren Hill, Freedom time).
Intentional crime.
Devastated rhyme.
Disillusioned mind.
Broken kind.
Abused words for manipulating gods.
Desecrated religion.
Misinformed youth kept in a booth.
Disingenuous politicians compelling humanity to impositions.
Silencing the people and feeding their ego.
Mutilating nature in the name of globalisation.
Distributing resources while materialising forces.
Proclaiming freedom while producing “illdom”.
Marketing infusions of “free doms” while spreading confusions in kingdoms.
Homogenizing plurality and producing profanity.
Promulgating human rights and creating ambiguous nights.
Creating a division without any permission.

I do not agree with the system.
It is so convenient for the so-called capitalist ingredient
which you use to deteriorate the development of the obedient.
He is not a fool.
You cannot use him as a tool.
And then be in a pool
and it is not even cool.

Defending his illusion
is nothing but pollution.
You cannot promise him a life and betraying his wife.
Don’t play with his devise proclaiming him unwise
because he is a life and you cannot deny his Geist.

Crucifying his existence while encouraging his persistence.
Oppressing his status and building churches in the name of Jesus.

And now I’d like to ask for freedom
in this kingdom of Poseidon.

I don’t want to see people hurt no more.
I don’t like to see lies no more.
I don’t protect your system and I don’t protect your wisdom.

Dignity is all I am asking.
I see nothing but a masking.

It is a theatre of absurdities with a religion of cruelties.
Our truth destroys your brutality in a see full of carnalities.

I blame you for your lie which keeps people fly
on a terrain where they cry because you are nothing but a spy.
A spy of the system who manipulates nature and trades it as a favour
for the labour.

Superiority of the minority creates identity of the majority.
Misconceptions of humanity contributes to individuality and fatality.
Cruelty and brutality.
Victims of profanity.
Defining with words you are mining the world.
You “deeducate” and affiliate.

You mention Marx, Weber and those who watched from their chair while others cried in the air.
You cut Malcolm X and Martin Luther Kind from the scenario!
How can you preach development without reading their blood?
You remain a slave of theories which are nothing but insanities.
Defining them academic is so pandemic.
Creating anthropology, philosophy, economy, sociology
and forgetting about radiology!
Repetition is not a mission.
Exfoliate your ambition.
“Be yourself” is the admission.

Conformity is blasphemy and you are an enemy.

I say freedom!

You put humanity in a cage where education is a rage
and religion is a page which I throw on the stage
where my will defines the age
of this new era of a mage.

I rebel against the system!

Your institution is an illusion and my philosophy is the conclusion.
I stand up for who I am
and tell you how it is without a blame.
Since you are a shame!
You feel polluted since you are diluted.
Give up! You are imputed and refuted!
Your norm has no form!
Do not adorn!
Since we are all new born!

Redemption is your perception.
All you are is an infection.

Everybody knows that they’re guilty.

Be poetic with your life and avoid the system.
Be in the love.

With love for all of humanity!

Poetic Lyric


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