beauty of a woman

sophia lauren

Women are so beautiful.

Women are just beautiful. All of them.

A woman is beautiful for the simple reason of being a woman.

And then there are other things that make a woman beautiful.

A woman is beautiful when she moves.

She is beautiful in her attitudes and gestures.

When she eats ice cream. When she licks the melted chocolate from her fingers. When she caresses you. When she transmits her emotions onto you through her eyes. When she is surprised. When she bites her finger nails cuz she is speechless. When she sings. When she feels embarrassed.

She is beautiful when she smiles at you.

She is beautiful if she knows how to talk and what to say.

I believe that she is beautiful because of the way she dresses, they way she walks – a little clumsy but then all of a sudden confident. More than anything, she is beautiful when she is furious.When she looks at you offended with those sad cute little pointed lips, which might end up in a bride smile and loud laughter after a minute.

A woman is beautiful because of her smudged lipstick and her white teeth. Though what most makes her beautiful is her integrity and fullness –

A woman is full of love.

Full of emotions.

Full of adventure.

She is full of everything. Full women are beautiful for ever. They are beautiful now and in a hundred years. What she has got inside, will stay. It will live for ever. It cannot be erased.

Fall in love with full women. Look into their souls cuz in the end there will be nothing left but the soul.




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